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FOs, a WIP and Yarn Porn

I've been working on quick projects in between R2D2 hats to try to lessen the crazy-making. Here's what I've been up to in the past month and a half.

Robyn's ArmwarmersCollapse )

Alett's ArmwarmersCollapse )

Porter's Jester HatCollapse )

Beth's Tattoo SleevesCollapse )

Anastasia SocksCollapse )

Ribbed Lace BoleroCollapse )

Uptown Boot SocksCollapse )

And some yarn pornCollapse )

I still have two more R2D2 hats to make, but I'm sooooo close to finished. I can almost smell my knitting freedom.

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I'm freaking out, would appreciate some insight. Suddenly plagued with self-doubt over a pattern I have put a lot of love into:

I have a great-aunt who lives in Brighton, England. She is dying of cancer. I can't visit, so I decided to knit her something; I know she is lonely and thought she would appreciate the gesture. So I got some absolutely gorgeous sock yarn and started to knit the Easy Lace Scarf.

But now -- I don't know! Is a lace scarf an appropriate gift? Will it be wearable in Brighton (well, Seaford, technically) in a month's time? Is there something I don't know about cancer patients -- will 80wool/20nylon blend irritate?

Pic of WIPCollapse )