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overdue pictures

so i have been promising these and not delivering because a)i've been busy and b) i've had problems getting into our server since my shortcuts stopped wroking...turns out that getting to the server via linux is actually EASIER than through windows. big surprise....but not if you don't know where to go.

heather has a sick baby and cancelled on me last night. c also cancelled. and i still had a powerful need to play with fiber, so i called selkie_b, who was thankfully available. she was awesome and helped me come to terms with the pattern change in the transition chart that was making me bonkers. i should be good to go from there. i believe nupps are the next hurdle i will face. they do not scare me. if they make me too angry i will simply replace them with beads. but i have pulled many stitches together before and don't anticipate it being a real problem, just annoying. the remaining worry i have is whether or not i will run out of yarn and have to re-think my ending. aeolian is very intelligently designed and there are a number of ways to cut down on yarn useage in order to have enough to finish. there is an alternate edge, the option of making smaller nupps, and it is designed to be flexible with how many yucca repeats one does, so i could frog back and do two less yucca repeats and move forward from there saving a great deal of yardage, although i would prefer not to have to go that route.
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I'm still new to this spinning business but after seeing everyone's lovely projects for the Tour De Fleece, I'm unable to resist grabbing my drop spindles and doing a little spinning myself.

This is the first fiber I ever spun. :)

And this is what I just started tonight. It's 100% Alpaca and it's so soft.