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Zack and Miri Zombie

Finally got it finished!

I have, in a fit of insanity, decided to knit the appropriate house scarf for each of my friends who are Harry Potter fans and a couple others. My friends’ birthdays are a bit bunched up. So while that gives me time for most of them, I had 3 to do in about a month. I only got one of them done. I’m hoping the other two will go quicker and I’ll have some breathing room before needing to start in on the fall batch.
I’m using the Sorceror’s Stone/Philosopher’s Stone Style Hogwarts Scarves...
fast night

simple cast on question

I knew it would be way easier to ask you all than searching google for the writer, but I got the general idea of the pattern, which its a cute mock cable, but it doesn't say how many to cast on.. it just says multiples of 10.. so I can only assume that means cast on 10,20,30, etc.. to my desire?  I tried to be smart about this and added the number of stitches and they either came out to 8 or 10 so that wasn't so genius either.

Sorry to ask, but this really is the best and most helpful group ever.


Multiple of 10
Row 1:
p4, k1, p1, k4
Row 2: p3, k2, p2, k3
Row 3: p2, k2, p1, k1, p2, k2
Row 4: p1, k2, p2, k2, p2, k1
Row 5: k2, p3, k3, p2
Row 6: k1, p4, k4, p1 Rep Rows 1-6.
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works in progress

I don’t think I’ve actually ever posted before, merely left comments. Hello! *waves*

Because I find it a pain the behind, I'm not going to post pics of my current things on needles.  Instead, I am going to provide you with a lovely link to my flickr photostream. That way you can browse at your own leisure.

Works In Progress

I picked up some yarn two days ago for the Lucy In the Sky cardigan (light green) , and I ordered some  yarn for this Thermal (in violet).   I want to make my mom something for her birthday.  She doesn't really know what she wants, and since we're in separate states right now, it's difficult for me to help her look around at patterns and yarns. Her birthday is in July, so I guess I'll have about a month after I return Home to find a pattern, find yarn and make it. I'd like to do a sweater or cardigan, but it is her birthday, so if she wants something like socks or a rug, no problem.   I'm also trying to plan ahead for my great-grandmother's birthday (Thanksgiving)- I want to find a lace shawl or scarf pattern and I know that lace will take me a really long time because I can't do other things while counting stitches (no tv, no audiobooks, no people...)

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I'm freaking out, would appreciate some insight. Suddenly plagued with self-doubt over a pattern I have put a lot of love into:

I have a great-aunt who lives in Brighton, England. She is dying of cancer. I can't visit, so I decided to knit her something; I know she is lonely and thought she would appreciate the gesture. So I got some absolutely gorgeous sock yarn and started to knit the Easy Lace Scarf.

But now -- I don't know! Is a lace scarf an appropriate gift? Will it be wearable in Brighton (well, Seaford, technically) in a month's time? Is there something I don't know about cancer patients -- will 80wool/20nylon blend irritate?

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speak of trees

thanks for breaking up with me, here's yr scarf

I just finished knitting a fabulous Danica scarf for my boyfriend the same day he dumped me (& he did it online... ewwwww).
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I'm torn between donating it to a charity or saving it for a future swap partner. I posted this on Craftster asking what I should do with it. (I was tempted to give it to him anyways) But they've all been so sweet & talked me out of it. After all, it's a pretty cool scarf. I couldn't handle all the weaving in ends though, so I just knit it in a single variegated yarn. Came out alright, for being lazy.

FO: Touch of Whimsy Scarf

So a week before her birthday, I decided the perfect gift for my cousin would be the Touch of Whimsy scarf. I nearly finished it in time - and would have, had I not been packing our house. Instead, I showed it to her and left her rub the super soft yarn - Rowan Kid Classic - on her body. I meant to go out and get one of those sewing/cloth board thingers to pin it to, but it snowed today and I felt like watching it.

So, I found a use for my Yoga mat. :)

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