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FOs, a WIP and Yarn Porn

I've been working on quick projects in between R2D2 hats to try to lessen the crazy-making. Here's what I've been up to in the past month and a half.

Robyn's ArmwarmersCollapse )

Alett's ArmwarmersCollapse )

Porter's Jester HatCollapse )

Beth's Tattoo SleevesCollapse )

Anastasia SocksCollapse )

Ribbed Lace BoleroCollapse )

Uptown Boot SocksCollapse )

And some yarn pornCollapse )

I still have two more R2D2 hats to make, but I'm sooooo close to finished. I can almost smell my knitting freedom.

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Extreme Measures

In which the author goes to great lengths to satisfy her OCD

I've been working on a pair of Blueberry Waffle Socks with Noro Kureyon Sock in color #S180.

Noro Waffle Socks, Close-Up

All was going well. I made the first sock a little taller than I usually make my socks so as to finish at the same point in the color repeat at which I began. That way the second sock would begin in the same place and the stripes would match. But no. I should have known from other people's experiences that it wouldn't work. Two-thirds through the second sock, I found a splice in the skein that completely interrupted the color pattern. Bastards.

The DilemnaCollapse )

The PlanCollapse )

The ExecutionCollapse )

The End ResultCollapse )

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I'm Famous

So the R2D2 hat I made as part of my nephew's Halloween costume a couple years ago has garnered a lot of attention recently. My blog post containing the pattern was linked on the Craft blog and Whipup. From there it got picked up by Gizmodo, Geekologie, the StarWars.com blog, TheForce.net, and who knows who else. This is great. A lot of people are seeing my work and asking for custom orders. But it blew up really fast. I've already had to stop taking new orders and start a waiting list for when/if I can stand to look at blue and grey yarn ever again. I'm telling you this not to brag (okay, a little to brag), but to explain why I may seem less productive, knitting-wise, during the coming weeks. It's not that I'll be knitting less; I'm just not going to bother posting pictures of the same hat over and over again. You're welcome.

But just in case you do want to see a couple...Collapse )

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Stash Reorganization

I joined Knit Wars today. For those of you familiar with Chore Wars, one of the creators of the Lime 'n Violet podcast started a party there for knitters. For those of you unfamiliar, Chore Wars is a site designed to encourage families/offices/communes/whomever to do their chores by rewarding them with experience points (XP) and gold pieces. These things have no meaning in real life (unless, of course, you choose to give them meaning by, say, relating gold pieces to allowances or whatever); it's just for fun and adds a bit of competition to the mundane. Anywho, in the knitting party, various tasks such as finishing a project, buying yarn or resisting the urge to buy yarn replace doing the dishes and taking out the garbage. If you're interested, here's the information on how to join.

Now, I am pretty competitive by nature. Perhaps this comes from being the second child (not that I blame my brother or parents in any way for my personal flaws, but moving on). Having a constantly-updated, ranked list of party members is pretty good incentive for me to actually do stuff when I come home from work, instead of phasing out in front of the TV and falling asleep on the couch. Hopefully, this will be enough of a push to be productive without leaning too much toward compulsive. We'll see.

So today, on my day off, I've read the Knit Wars rules (1XP), listened to the most recent Lime 'n Violet podcast (2XP), ripped out a sock-in-progress that wasn't to my liking (12XP), spent 5 more hours knitting on said sock (100XP), reorganized my yarn stash (10XP) and am currently blogging about it (5XP). And I've set goals for tomorrow to start a new project, try a new skill (bobbles) and hopefully finish the same project (it's going to be a small project). That'll be another 72XP, and I'll level up at 200XP! I've never been into role-playing games in the least, but this I can definitely dig.

And now for the stash picturesCollapse )

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