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hey! last night i was trying to use double pointed needles for the second time (i used them once to finish a hat like 5 years ago..) and i could not really get it. i have a million questions, so bear with me :)

first of all, i was wondering if the way i was casting on matters? i was following a random video and the purl bee's dpn tutorial and they both had their tail and working yarn on the same side, like this. every time i cast on anything, it looks like this (image from google). can someone explain how to get both strands of yarn on one side, if it's important? did they just knit a row and not mention it??

i also never actually joined my knitting into a round. i was paying more attention to the video than the purl bee tutorial, which was probably a mistake since the video had 5 needles and i only have 4, so it was really confusing. is it easier/better to work with 5 needles, or does it just depend on the size of the project you're working on? basically, i just want to make little things, like cat toys (i'm challenging myself to make one thing every day in april, so the smaller the better. got any pattern ideas? :) )

and lastly, should i colour the tips of my DPNs? i noticed the needles used in the Purl Bee's tutorial had coloured tips, so i guess it wouldn't hurt, right?

thanks so much for any advice you can give me!!!

by the way, this is what i ended up with:

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Brooke's Column of Leaves Scarf FO

So after what seems like an eternity I FINALLY finished making Brooke's Column of Leaves scarf. Pattern available ( http://brookenelson.com/leafscarfpattern.html )

I bought some Moda Dea - Eclipse - Nile Green at one of those big crafty stores and then I found the pattern and they go so well together! Final blocked measurements 90 inches long and 10 inches wide. Sorry about the crappy picture quality, my husband took my camera with him to training.

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First FO

So, this was my first project (besides scarves and a knitted hat). I had just learned how to purl and wanted something ambitious so I tested my skills on the pi vest featured in knit.1 magazine.

It turned out pretty dreadfully, as I actually made the garment but on needles larger than suggested. Swatch swatch swatch!. I learned my lesson. As it turns out I am going to butcher this project for the yarn (my favorite color, hot pink) but am ultimately proud that I had jumped from scarf making to shaping arm holes in one swoop!
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