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Zack and Miri Zombie

Finally got it finished!

I have, in a fit of insanity, decided to knit the appropriate house scarf for each of my friends who are Harry Potter fans and a couple others. My friends’ birthdays are a bit bunched up. So while that gives me time for most of them, I had 3 to do in about a month. I only got one of them done. I’m hoping the other two will go quicker and I’ll have some breathing room before needing to start in on the fall batch.
I’m using the Sorceror’s Stone/Philosopher’s Stone Style Hogwarts Scarves...
Phar Lap
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Knitted Purse

I knitted this purse a while ago but I love it and wanted to share with everyone. The blue flowers are ribbon and the white are just little craft flowers from Hobby Lobby, I think. The green leaves are ribbon also. The lining was the hardest part but not too bad. Anyway, let me know what y'all think, I am considering making a few for X-mas gifts this year.


Another knitting post brought to you by being wide awake three hours earlier than I have to be.

So I enjoy making things useful far past its primary function. More than the current trend for repurposing, I've been doing this since I was a child and turning my furniture upside-down and sideways to make habitats for my dolls and action figures that I liked just as well as any commercial bought dollhouse, if not more. I just like seeing how I can use things. It's sort of a mental game I play. It helps that I work in theatre, a field where it is encouraged and sometimes downright necessary to improvise wildly when the perfect object is unobtainable. So many props are made from gluing bottle caps on things, it's amazing. If I worked in any other field, it would be props, just because I enjoy that part of it so much.

Anyway, I was tired and irritated by the fact that my yarn kept falling out of my lap and rolling away and getting dirty on the floor, and I had neither the money nor the inclination to buy one of those fancy-schmancy 'yarn-tainers', so I made my own. Now, don't get me wrong, I have since then received one of the fancy ones as a gift, and it's great; it's clear and it has a very nice, smooth lid and a handle, but there is one problem that makes me like mine sort of better. The fancy ones have a very nice, smooth edged hole in the top of the lid with a little rubbery pad around the inside so that your yarn won't snag or get all roughed up, which is again, great, but once you've put your yarn in your jar, and poked the yarn through the hole and cast on your project, you're stuck using that one container until either you're done, or you break your yarn. This might encourage some people to finish their projects faster, but I'm not one to succumb to peer-pressure from inanimate objects.

So I made my own.


It's one of those cardboard tube style containers for chow-mein noodles that I like to put on salad. The plastic lid is thin enough to punch a hole in, (I used the large-size hole punch at work), and then cut a slit from the edge to the hole, and voila, you can change your projects at will. The diameter of this one fits a 100g center-pull cake of sock-weight very comfortably. I've also heard that oatmeal containers work very well. And you can decorate the outside, if you wish!

What other notions can be made with house-hold stuff? I'm curious to what you all think...

Also, go check out the podcast at Here's to Ewe!
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Today in stitches

So I haven't done one of these in a long time, like, as in, over a year. Wow. So, without further ado, here's what I've been knitting. Or at least some of it.

Beware, pictures are big in the huge way.

Click for shinies*!

Hope you enjoyed that. If you want to find me on Ravelry, I'm here.

And to finish, a request: I seem to have a serious dearth of knitting and yarn related icons. Would anyone like to make me one? Pretty please? I promise not to be greedy...

(*fake cut goes to my journal)

And it fills me with tiny knitted joy.

For all of you that love Jayne's hat or Captain Hammer's four sweater vests!

Joss Whedon on Crafts and Craftiness: Interview Transcript

This is a transcript of the recorded interview.

Kim Werker
: Ok. We're recording now and I'm here with Joss Whedon. I'm Kim Werker from CrochetMe.com. So, Joss, Captain Hammer—four sweater vests, really?

Joss Whedon: Yeah. Well, four, you know, in that, I mean, he actually has quite a collection.

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I haven't really been able to knit anything in 10 whole months!

I hurt my shoulder last year and my Father in Law (the chiropractor) told me NO knitting until it was completely healed... so that means, since just after Christmas last year, I haven't been able to knit even a dish rag... ugh

So I've finally been given the green light, and this morning at 7:30 I picked up my brand new addi turbo size 11's and I cast on my brand new super bulky yarn... and i cast on 67 stiches and made up my cloche hat pattern based on an old photo of my grandmother as I went along... I am SO proud of me... I finished the hat at 10:30 and I love it...

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I need help with p3tog!

I need help! I've been knitting Knitty's Back to School Washcloths all month. I knitted the first four with little-to-no difficulty, but now I'm on number five and it's getting a little tough. The washcloth in question is called the Bramble Cloth (pictured in blue yarn on the Knitty site).

This Back to School pattern set is really my first experience with pattern-reading and different techniques like yo, sl1 and p3tog. I taught myself the first two, but now I'm having trouble with the p3tog'ing.

I know how to purl three together, but the way it is in this pattern is kind of throwing me for a loop.

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