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Inga hat - finished!

My secret Inga hat has been finished! I knit it with Patons Classic Merino (black, and my white/purple/green dye job), size 6 needles (double pointed, then circular+double-pointed, then double pointed again - phew -), and modified its length by starting the fair-isle on row 20. It is still quite long.
I failed entirely at the knitted braid, lost my patience, and finally hand-sewed the curling bottom edge up and inside the hat.

photographic evidence duly below cutCollapse )

It took something like 13 hours to knit, which is crazy. My colourwork is one-handed, slow, and sloppy.

But isn't the pattern gorgeous? (by Sheila Macdonald).
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Hats for Giant Heads?

Herro. I need to knit a hat for my step-dad, and his head is BIG. The "one size fits all" hats at the department stores don't fit him. I can't measure his head, or have my mom measure his head, without him knowing (he's not a sound sleeper anymore :P), and he doesn't have any other hats that he can wear to measure from..
So my question is - the usual size is 64 to 80 stitches seems tiny :P How big should I go? I know I need to take gauge into account and all, but does anyone have any tricks or tips for making hats for giant heads?

More Knitting

I've finished a few more things in the last few weeks. I made another hat for Rebecca, this one to match a scarf her mom crocheted for her. I finished my Pi Shawl, and I'm really glad I started the border when I did. It took forever! Lastly, I made miniature Christmas stockings for the 10 women and 1 man I work with. They only took a few days, but I was really glad to finish.

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