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Am I brave or am I dumb? Haven't decided that yet...

After nearly 2 decades of crocheting, I saw knitting needles at the second hand store, and after hunting out so that I had 3 matched pairs o needles from among the detirrus that looked like someones six greats granny had died and left her craft stuff to be donated to charity I found them. Sizes are 8's 11's and 15's I have books on how to knit and videos from the internet and I am still thinking I should teleport back in time and beat the ever living stupid out of this person who decided that we needed to use 2 needles to make fabric. I also got the impression while bookmarking future project patterns at various places that offered free patterns that sometimes 3 or more needles are used. Oh no thank you sweeties no! Did anyone else have trouble when they started this or is it just me?
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Hullo All!

I'm a very new knitter.
I started knitting in winter last year and got pretty good at it
but then I stopped.
And now I want to take it up again.
At the moment I am just practicing my basics again
but I have run into a problem - I can't cast on properly any more!
I tried and tried and tried the way my grandmother taught me -
that is using my fingers to start it off then putting it onto a needle
and it didn't work
and then I actually watched the long tail cast on video from knittinghelp.com
and for some reason all my stitches do not join on at the bottom.
Well, it doesn't look like it is supposed to in the video?

I know ths is probably a really convoluted and confusing post
but I really need help!
Can anyone decipher what I am trying to say and give me a few pointers?
much, much appreciated to any who have suggestions.

thanks heaps.