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Food for knitting group? Also, a FO!

I'm organizing a knitting group for people in my major at grad school, and we've decided to meet at people's houses around dinnertime. Given how busy we all are, I think if we end up eating a meal we won't be getting a lot of knitting done, but I could see us grazing on snacks. Somebody's volunteered to make cookies, but what other food would go with knitting? Obviously anything that gets all over your hands or drips is probably a bad idea. Any thoughts?

Also just wanted to show off this wristlet that I made for my sister for Christmas. Quick and easy gift!Collapse )


Bag pattern ideas?

I'm looking for a knitted version of, like a gardening-tool bag, or a grooming apron/tote --- you know, sort of pockets on the outside and kind of a flat bottom or a fold-up type deal.

I've seen little bags and things and bags with compartments on the inside, but I want this to be on the outside. It can hang or sit, I think. (I know, I'm being SO clear, *L*)

I was even thinking about making a simple tote shape, then knitting some rectangles and sewing them on to it.

Any ideas/opinions? The overall 'look' needs to be utilitarian[read: manly] as it's meant for a gift for an older man.