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Androgynous Baby Sweater?

My cousin and her husband are having a baby (yay!), and I'd like to make something for the kid. They don't know the sex, but they aren't too hung up on gender norms. I'd like to make a sweater (I've decided on navy blue and yellow for colors, they just look so cute on little kids), but I'm having trouble finding a pattern that isn't over-the-top either way, feminine or masculine. I feel odd putting a potential boy in lace or a potential girl in snakes when they didn't choose it for themselves (and if they did, all the power to them). Any suggestions?
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Quick question:

A co-worker of my sister just had a baby, and my sister asked me if I could knit something for the little guy (it probably would have helped if she had asked me before he popped out, but what can you do).

I already knit up a quick pair of washcloths, but I was wondering if any of you had any quick and simple patterns for anything else that might be fun?  Any booties or a hat that maybe won't take up too much time?  I want to get these to the mom as quick as possible.  I've looked through some patters on knitty and whatnot, but having no previous experience knitting any of them, I'm not sure how fast they would be to knit up.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I was thinking of knitting up a baby blanket, but I don't want to feel like I'm imposing on something that is usually a mother or grandmother things (neither of them knit, but I'm sure they can buy a nice baby blanket)--would it be too much to knit a small baby blanket for them, or do you think it won't be such a big deal?

Please and thank you so much! 

EDIT:  Thank all of you for your suggestions!  I decided to go with this pattern:
Thank you to grazed_elbows for the suggestion of the lion brand website.  I'm also going to start on a blanket now, and make it for his first bithday.  But please, don't stop the suggestions!  I have a few other friends that are pregnant and I know would love something handmade and unique, and all of you have such wonderful ideas and insight!

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Acrylic question

Hey all,

I am making the Peach Blossom baby jacket, my first baby item and first jacket/sweater! So far so good.

I am using acrylic for the CC, so I did the collar all in seed stitch so it wouldn't curl (pattern calls for 8 rows stockingette, a purl turning row, then 8 rows of seed stitch. I did 8seed-1purl-8seed). What I'd like to know is if I can use acrylic for the MC? It is knit in stockingette but will have a seed stitch border of the CC. Will the body be all distorted and curled, or will it work?!

Much thanks