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Bunny Peep Pattern just for Easter! I posted this awhile ago too. I should post a better way to do the ears but eh?

Bunny Peep

For the body:
Co 14 sts
knit 10 rows
Next 4 rows decrease (10sts)
Then increase for 2 rows (12sts)
Knit 9 rows
Dec 2 rows (10 sts)

The body and ears are one, but the ears are tricky (but someone can probably think of an easier way to do them).

There should be 10 sts now
I did it by knitting back and forth one ear (4sts) for 8 rows for each ear. Binding off the two middle sts and then completeing the other ear for 8 rows. Thus you have ears. Another suggestion is to knit 4 + knit the 4th and 5th sts together (or 1st and 2nd sts for the other ear) and 1 sts tog.
(Pattern reading way)
K4 sts for 8 rows, BO(10sts)
bind off 2 sts (6sts)
K4 sts for 8 rows, BO (4 sts)
Then there should be no sts left on the needle. ( ) indicate how many sts should be on your needle on that row for the ears. ( ) for the body are how many are suppose to be in there after the row is done.
If the ears are confuseing just post and I'll try to explain it better. I got the idea of the body from the kitty pattern that someone posted here (the dec and inc from the pattern.)

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