November 22nd, 2011


I need opinions

Okay folks... so I'm knitting an ugly yellow sweater. 

So here's the trouble... this ugly yellow sweater was once the beginnings of an ugly yellow lace scarf.  A scarf that sat for years before I had the balls to finally frog it.  So I started knitting this sweater and it was kinda wonky... the stitches were uneven and ugly and I thought it was because I was knitting tiny sock yarn on size 6 needles and I was just doing so in clumsy uneven fashion.  Well I've knit a lot more of it now and the top part is all even and pretty (as pretty as it can be) and the bottom is all twisty and ugly and I realize now that it's because the bottom yarn is the stuff that used to be a scarf.  

So this is where I need opinions... do you guys think that the ugly can be blocked out of the bottom? or should I just suck it up and frog this again and cut out the stuff that used to be a scarf?  The yarn is sock ease 75% wool 25% nylon.

Thanks in advance!