June 7th, 2011

caron, acrylic, red heart, yarn, fiber

Halfway Through The Yarn Project

In two days, I will be half-way, through The Yarn Project. I really cannot believe that a year, has already passed. It seems like just days ago, I had the idea, of starting this project. Now, it is half done.
June 9, 2011. I have made it through the crochet segment, of my Project, and am well into loom knitting, with only a few projects left. Then, it will be on to knitting.
And, I have decided that, since I didn't think (at the beginning) that I would make it this far, I am going to throw myself a party. One year with The Yarn Project.
I have made up a bunch of yarn goodies, and will be giving some of them away, to my readers.
God...Half-way done. It is absolutely amazing. And, I can't help but think...
This time, last year, I knew ABSOLUTELY nothing, about yarn.