May 16th, 2011

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I'm seeking some advice.  I'm currently knitting Rinoa's duster from Final Fantasy 8.  I have everything done now except the trim/bias along the arm hole edges and front edge.  

Basically, I'm wondering how I should go about making the trim. 

My thoughts were to either 1)knit a strip of material in stockinette stitch for about an inch and just sew that on as a trim or
2) pick up stitches along the edge and knit for an inch, making sure my knit would be on the outside, and just sew the BO end, folded over,  to the piece, completing the edge. The second method might ensure my trim is long enough, while the first method I could potentially just do on a separate circ.

Also, what advice might you have for the button straps seen center?  Maybe just knit two more pieces, fold them over, and sew a snap on them?

HELP!  Please and thank  you.  =^.^=