February 28th, 2011

caron, acrylic, red heart, yarn, fiber

Loom Knitting Fish Nightmare!!!

I am currently loom knitting a fish pillow. I thought, as I stared the project, that it would be fun. Boy, was I gullible.
To make this pillow, you are asked (quite a bit) to transfer yarn loops, from one peg to another. This has me so beyond stressed out. I mean...taking yarn off a peg, you are basically begging to lose a stitch, and wind up in a very bad pickle. Each time I have to do this, I find that I hold my breath, and pray that no big stitch-dropping disaster happens.
I can just see the news article, declaring that I have lost my mind, because of a lost stitch, which leads me to start the whole freaking pillow over.
Note to self...The fish pillow is a wicked little yarn monster!
This big bad fish WANTS me to suffer. I AM SURE OF IT!!!