February 24th, 2011

caron, acrylic, red heart, yarn, fiber

A Scarf In Homesun

At the beginning of February, I started part 2, of my Project-Loom Knitting.
Right now, I am working my second project. It is a scarf, worked with Lion Brand Homespun yarn.
Just a little while ago, while crocheting, I remember thinking that when I started loom knitting, Homespun yarn would no longer be a complete beast. (Let me tell you...I had the HARDEST time, crocheting with it.)
Well...my belief that it would be easy to work, with a loom, was not accurate. It is still a pain in the (you know what)!
I have officially decided that, after I make this scarf, I will NEVER again, be foolish enough to believe Homespun is a joy to work with.