February 20th, 2011

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The Yarn Project, & Recovery

I just posted this elsewhere. I thought I would post it here, as well.

Ever since I started my blog, back on June 9, I have come to it, to discuss my two year adventure, with The Yarn Project. I mean, that was the whole point, of my blog. I was using it, to record every little thing about my time with yarn. But, I have used it for another purpose. In my blog, I find myself speaking of my recovery quite a bit. I will often start a post, by writing about walking around. I will write when I have bad days, where I fall. I will write of good days...where my ankles don't give out. I will write of my dreams of, one day, being able to walk just like everyone else.
My blog is a blog about yarn...but it is also about my recovery.
And today, while I was looming away (creating a washcloth), I started thinking about the 'deeper' levels, of The Yarn Project. You know...Why I started it, and everything.
I started my project, because I was recovering from a surgery. TV had become boring, and I needed something to do. I needed to occupy my time. I needed something, apart from pain, to focus on.
And now, I realize how special my blog (and my Project) are.
I needed The Yarn Project.
It has given me the ability to write about my recovery. It has allowed me the opportunity to use yarn as a metaphor, for everything else. (Because, dang it. If I can learn to crochet, loom knit, and knit, then I can learn to walk!)
Before starting The Yarn Project, I had tried to write another blog. I tried to write a blog, about my recovery. But, I couldn't. The feelings I had, about my surgery, and my recovery...They just would not flow onto the page. That is, until I started this blog, and this Project.
Through my Project, I am learning new talents, which I love (even though they often stress me out.) And, I have finally found a way, to write about my recovery.
I am so thankful, for The Yarn Project.
I just thought I would write that out.
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"Beer Gloves"

At least, I think that's what the pattern was called in Son of Stitch 'n Bitch. I finally finished my own lovely scarf after detouring to do two pairs of socks AND finish a sweater from a year ago (wow, have I improved since then!). I'm still waiting for my new sweater yarn to come in, though, so I thought I'd do some fingerless gloves. I was debating between this pattern and one from Knits Men Want (LOVE that book!), but I decided to go with the whalebone cabling in this one.

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