February 17th, 2011

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Hi There

Hello, everyone. My name is Michael, and I am here, in the hopes of finding new blog friends.
I started a blog, on June 9, 2010, which is titled The Yarn Project. I had just had this HUGE, life changing surgery, which would allow me the opportunity to walk. (I had spent YEARS in a wheelchair. I was misdiagnosed, with Cerebral Palsy.) While I was in the hospital, I had a crocheted blanket, donated to me. It was in that moment, that I knew I wanted to learn to work with yarn.
I was given a time span of (at least) 2.5 years, to recover. That is a VERY long time, to do nothing. So, I decided to learn, not just one, but THREE methods of working with yarn. In two years, while recovering, I would learn to crochet, loom knit, and knit. And, I decided to write a blog, about it.
My blog, is a blog, that primarily focuses on yarn. There is, however, a good deal of my recovery, that I talk about. Working with yarn, though I would not have expected it, has become this strange type of metaphor, of my recovery.
And, there you have it...A quick little summary, about my blog.
I hope that you will swing by, and check me out.
Thanks for reading this.

Pattern Help!

Hi Everyone.  

This is the first time I'm posting (lurker for a while), and I come asking for your more knowledgeable assistance...

I'm making a sweater that has some holes on either side of a cable as the pattern.  I no longer have the original photo from the pattern, but I do have photos of my progress so far.   It's supposed to be symmetrical and I am having trouble with it.  I already knit the back (same pattern) and had the same problem.  It's the first time I'm trying something this hard, so I thought it was my newbie skillz that screwed it up.  Now I'm on the second side and still have the same problem - even after undoing everything and starting over (twice) and looking up videos on youtube to make sure I was doing the stitches correctly.

Here are the photos I have:

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The pattern goes something like this:
(RS) (k2, k2 tog, yo) three times, p1, k12, p1, (yo, ssk, k2) three times

The order of the k2, k2tog, yo and yo, ssk, k2 changes each row to make it angled, but otherwise it is essentially the same stitches in inverse around the center/cable.  

Can you help?  Where am I going wrong?  I want to be able to wear this without looking crazy, and I am tired of undoing and redoing everything.  I am pretty sure I am doing the stitches correctly?

Up close of the bad side: