May 7th, 2008

rocky dog

works in progress

I don’t think I’ve actually ever posted before, merely left comments. Hello! *waves*

Because I find it a pain the behind, I'm not going to post pics of my current things on needles.  Instead, I am going to provide you with a lovely link to my flickr photostream. That way you can browse at your own leisure.

Works In Progress

I picked up some yarn two days ago for the Lucy In the Sky cardigan (light green) , and I ordered some  yarn for this Thermal (in violet).   I want to make my mom something for her birthday.  She doesn't really know what she wants, and since we're in separate states right now, it's difficult for me to help her look around at patterns and yarns. Her birthday is in July, so I guess I'll have about a month after I return Home to find a pattern, find yarn and make it. I'd like to do a sweater or cardigan, but it is her birthday, so if she wants something like socks or a rug, no problem.   I'm also trying to plan ahead for my great-grandmother's birthday (Thanksgiving)- I want to find a lace shawl or scarf pattern and I know that lace will take me a really long time because I can't do other things while counting stitches (no tv, no audiobooks, no people...)

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