December 3rd, 2007


help! pirate mitten disaster

what do I do? :( I'm knitting Hello Yarn's Pirate Mittens.
3mm DPNs, the same yarn the pattern calls for.

But it's coming out too small! much, much too small. If I frog it, I could go up to 3,5mm instead - but I'm not sure how much of a difference it'd make. I've never knitted fair isle before, so I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong. How do I make sure the stitches don't come out stupidly tight?

I mean, it looks really cool, and I'm very pleased with it, aside from the tightness...

help a fair isle noob...

pic of the wreckage behind the cutCollapse )
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speak of trees

thanks for breaking up with me, here's yr scarf

I just finished knitting a fabulous Danica scarf for my boyfriend the same day he dumped me (& he did it online... ewwwww).
good thing it's going to a better place nowCollapse )
I'm torn between donating it to a charity or saving it for a future swap partner. I posted this on Craftster asking what I should do with it. (I was tempted to give it to him anyways) But they've all been so sweet & talked me out of it. After all, it's a pretty cool scarf. I couldn't handle all the weaving in ends though, so I just knit it in a single variegated yarn. Came out alright, for being lazy.

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Here's another picture of the ferris vest I made, to fill the small void between projects before I upload new pictures.

I miss Halloween so much!

p.s. thanks to everyone for their compliments. =D