December 2nd, 2007

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Want knit Manos

I have one skien that was gifted to me.  It's 3.5 oz, about 138 yards.  I just got up the courage to take it out of the bag tonight and fondle it a bit (I've had it...about 2 weeks).  It was lovely and now I want to knit it like whoa but I have no clue what to use it for.

I live in a fairly warm place most of the time, and it's a lovely very muted purple (almost a gray).  Something small that isn't going to heat me up too much is what I need.  I don't wear hats much...I thought maybe armwarmers, but I don't think I have enough to make them as long as I like...Any suggestions?

I can pretty much design whatever...just an idea to run with is all I need.  THanks! 

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For Mom's Bday

Well her bday approaches.. 3 days after mine to be exact, and my mom has a thing for hats. Warm winter hats
Problem is she is deathly allergic to all animal fibers.
She had a hat that had a knitted crown and a faux fur cuff thingy... its been long dead.
So, I made her this. (Ditzy was not happy about hearing "hey put this on, I need a pic for my blog and ravelry" when she had rolled out of bed first thing this morning)
what it looks like onCollapse )

a view from above (cable and crown details)Collapse )

The yarn is Fiber Underground Simple (100% Acrylic) for the crown and Moda Dea Chi Chi for the fur cuff thingy
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Test swatch

Hello my fellow crafty people,

I would really like to make myself this sweater. Aaaand I have a whole pile of beautiful cashmere yarn that I snapped up at a closing sale a few years ago.

The problem: I am terrible with gauge. I've never really learned how to work with it or how to measure it, and on the rare occasions when I've actually made the attempt to use it, the project STILL ends up a wonky size.

I would charge ahead and see how it turns out, but with my fancy-schmancy yarn I'm reluctant to screw it up. So I've dutifully knitted up a little test swatch in moss stitch, and it's about the right size lengthwise (25 rows) but not widthwise (17 stitches).

My question(s) to you: now what? Am I meant to stretch and/or block this little test swatch before measuring, and if so, to what degree? Because it DOES stretch widthwise into about the right size... If I'm supposed to take my measurements from the swatch as knitted, can I solve the problem by going up a needle size or two, or is the skinniness of my yarn an insurmountable problem?

Any insight would be hugely appreciated!!


i am having one heck of a time knitting a bobble. i have looked it up in books and on the web, even watched videos and one of them do it the way this pattern is working.

the pattern says - knit in front, back, front of next stitch to increase to 3 stitches, turn, purl 3, turn, knit 3 together, put stitch back on left needle and knit it

my confusion happens at the "front of next stitch" part. i usually end up only increasing by 2 somehow. when should i slip that initial stitch off the needle? i only knit the next stitch through the front once and then slip it off the needle or does it stay ?

so confused.

thanks for any help.

FO: Touch of Whimsy Scarf

So a week before her birthday, I decided the perfect gift for my cousin would be the Touch of Whimsy scarf. I nearly finished it in time - and would have, had I not been packing our house. Instead, I showed it to her and left her rub the super soft yarn - Rowan Kid Classic - on her body. I meant to go out and get one of those sewing/cloth board thingers to pin it to, but it snowed today and I felt like watching it.

So, I found a use for my Yoga mat. :)

Blocked! Shipping tomorrow! :DCollapse )
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any help would be grately appreciated

I've been watching here for a while, but this is the first time I've posted.  I agreed to make my friend a hat for her birthday (Jan 25th) and she would like very much for it to have a dragon on it.  Trouble is, that'd be a tricky design to make myself.  Anyone know of a good dragon design I might be able to put on a hat?  Or have any suggestions about how I might be able to make one.
Any help would make me extremely happy!
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