April 16th, 2006


Geeky FO

I finally finished the Evil Project of Doom. Once I got the pattern all worked out, it really wasn't that bad. It just took forever to works the kinks out. These socks are for my siter-in-law, who's in med school. What doctor-to-be wouldn't want a pair of caduceus socks?
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Glad to be finished with those socks, I started planning a cabled sweater. After figuring out the math for the cable and rib pattern, I cast on 310 (!!!) stitches (for front and back together - I'm working in the round to the armholes) with US size 4 needles and pretty thin yarn. I figure it'll be finished by the time the weather starts getting cooler. It'll be a fairly light-weight sweater with 3/4-length sleeves, but still too thick for Texas summer, already in progress.

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I have knitted one pair of socks before, but they were on 2 needles. I want to attempt a pair on DPN's most likely either for myself (Uk 5-6)or my partner (UK 11-12). Most of my stash is DK weight, have a little mohair and a few other fancier things but nothing really OTT like colinette. I'm looking for advice for a first time sock knitter and possibly a simplish pattern that I could use up some of my stash in! Thanks in advance!

ETA: I wouldn't mind attempting to incorporate a simple cable into it, so I can kill two birds with one stone since I've never attempted cabling before either!


Does anybody know of a knitting pattern for a beanie style hat that looks almost netted? If you've seen Shaun of the Dead, Liz's roomate has the hat Im after but I cannot for the life of me find a good picture of this hat! Any help would be great. Thanks.
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Me and Matt

Vogue Knitting

I looked through the Spring/Summer issue of Vogue Knitting in the grocery store the other day, and rather liked what little I saw. I checked out the website to see a bit more (not much, unfortunately!) and found out that there are four issues a year. This confused me because if the Spring/Summer issue is out now, that implies a Fall/Winter issue, right? So what are the other two?

Also, at the store they're $5.99, but for four issues a year I could subscribe for $24 which is only about 4 savings, maybe a bit more because of tax in the store.

My question is: Is it worth it? My library doesn't have it (because it's old and it SUCKS but don't EVEN get me started) so I can't check it out or read it there. I might actually want to make some of the stuff in the one I saw, or at least their models and sets and whatnot were doing their job because I got all excited to knit the camisoles and skirts with ribbon woven through and odd halter tops and such.

I like that it's more "hip" than some of the (very few) other knitting magazines I've looked through. As with many magazines, it seems to be about 2/3 adverts, but those are actually kind of interesting to me. I'd rather see techniques and patterns and maybe knitting news than interviews with knitting people I don't know and really weird things I'll never use. Feature articles are good too, personal stories, travel essay-type things.

Does anyone have a subscription? Thoughts? Suggestions?

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