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Sarah: bigger, better, and back for Revenge

I need opinions

Okay folks... so I'm knitting an ugly yellow sweater. 

So here's the trouble... this ugly yellow sweater was once the beginnings of an ugly yellow lace scarf.  A scarf that sat for years before I had the balls to finally frog it.  So I started knitting this sweater and it was kinda wonky... the stitches were uneven and ugly and I thought it was because I was knitting tiny sock yarn on size 6 needles and I was just doing so in clumsy uneven fashion.  Well I've knit a lot more of it now and the top part is all even and pretty (as pretty as it can be) and the bottom is all twisty and ugly and I realize now that it's because the bottom yarn is the stuff that used to be a scarf.  

So this is where I need opinions... do you guys think that the ugly can be blocked out of the bottom? or should I just suck it up and frog this again and cut out the stuff that used to be a scarf?  The yarn is sock ease 75% wool 25% nylon.

Thanks in advance!
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My bff and sweater knitter extraordinaire has just told me that she thinks that block it out but I might have to block it twice... once for size and then once to make it less wonky. I guess I'll trust her since she has so much experience and cry if she's wrong. Or give her my ugly yellow sweater for christmas :)
Not advice but... is that the Lion Brand sock yarn? I found that color on clearance and grabbed a ball or two myself :D
It is!
Can you try blocking it now (before you knit any further), to see how it would turn out?
To the best of my knowledge it should block out fine, but if you want to be super certain, put the live stitches on waste yarn and try washing and blocking what you have now.