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Okay first off Mods if this is not allowed Delete delete delete! Where I work there are no boys at all in the hotel desk staff, Just Us Girls. One of my co workers, though I must admit to wondering HOW this is possible, was unaware she was pregnant for her whole pregnancy! Her newborn Son's name is Odin and he of course has NOTHING! since he is so unexpected. Truthfully he is lucky to have such a cool name I think ^__^ So In the spirit of this I wondered if anyone had any charity plushies that would be baby safe or any finished baby blankets that would be boy appropriate or anything that they might be willing to donate to the cause. I have nothing close to finished otherwise I would be doing it myself and of course I am going to crank out a little square one for him but all the help we can get for this little boy would be appreciated.
I will try to get the Mailing Address for work as the street address is not a valid mailing address here in Wendover where even the Casinos just have PO boxes. it is however 1225 West Wendover Blvd, West Wendover NV 89883 and the post office staff will surly forward. Care of Hotel Front Desk. for Lillian and Odin!
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I need opinions

Okay folks... so I'm knitting an ugly yellow sweater. 

So here's the trouble... this ugly yellow sweater was once the beginnings of an ugly yellow lace scarf.  A scarf that sat for years before I had the balls to finally frog it.  So I started knitting this sweater and it was kinda wonky... the stitches were uneven and ugly and I thought it was because I was knitting tiny sock yarn on size 6 needles and I was just doing so in clumsy uneven fashion.  Well I've knit a lot more of it now and the top part is all even and pretty (as pretty as it can be) and the bottom is all twisty and ugly and I realize now that it's because the bottom yarn is the stuff that used to be a scarf.  

So this is where I need opinions... do you guys think that the ugly can be blocked out of the bottom? or should I just suck it up and frog this again and cut out the stuff that used to be a scarf?  The yarn is sock ease 75% wool 25% nylon.

Thanks in advance!

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Took me forever but I've finally finished my first sweater.  ... and by finally finished I mean I finally stopped putting off completing the zipper and tucking in ends.

Hopefully he will not ruin it any time soon.
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The Angels Have the Bag

So I made a Weeping Angels purse. I used a couple of different charts for the angels and the TARDIS and the Bad Wolf on the back, but the purse is my own design. Took a lot less time than I assume, about a week to knit up, and then my roommate put a liner in it (because I can't sew). So um... here it is.Collapse )

Question!? Or help rather...

Hello everyone! Seems pretty dead in here but I will try this just the same.

I am trying to knit this ---->

The Hermione Hearts Ron hat off of Ravelry. Now the pattern calls for DPNS size 3. I'm using DPNS 3 but stitches keep falling off the ends frustrating me. I'm looking into the Needle Point Protectors but I was wondering what would be the damage if I switched to circular 8's? I know this is a sizable jump but I do not have any circular 3's and honestly have no desire to spend the money on some for one project. I don't know how many 3 projects I'm going to feel like completing after this one.

Would I have to change the pattern around completely because of gauge? I'll still have the same number of stitches ect so I don't know if it will work.

Can anyone help me? Would it completely mess the hat up to knit with bigger needles and the same number of stitches or should I just invest in the Needle Point Protectors?

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.